1. Put your baggie into another freezer baggie just to be safe.

2. Fill a container with water.

3.  Put the baggies into the container, seal the lid, and freeze.

This method eliminates battling your impulses.  To get that weed you must make a deliberate decision and sit pretty with that decision for half an hour or so.  Having it in the house, still easily accessible, eliminates thoughts about where and how to get more, [Let’s be honest.  These are the things that people, who need a special method to quit smoking weed, think about when they don’t have any.  I think that should make me feel dirty or guilty.  I’ve got nothing.] which are involuntary thoughts that turn into active thoughts that often turn into big temptation.

I do not recommend involving other people.  “Cut me off” or “Chastize me when you catch me” are bad methods for 2 reasons.  1. It’s unfair to the other person.  You are not their responsibility.  It puts them in an awkward position and potentially strains relationships.  2.  It’s unfair to you.  You learn nothing about self-control and you become reliant on others.

Bonus advice:  If you have roommates, who are willing to go through the trouble of thawing out your frozen weed for their enjoyment, then it is time to move out.  Seriously.  You shouldn’t subject your person and your possessions to such people.  Have some respect for yourself, brah.