“Once they’d had a taste of the sea, it was hard for them to ever really adapt to ordinary life.”

“But what’s so different about night babies?” I asked.

“Well, after a whole day of swimming in the night ocean, they had too many extra hours of dreaming.  They’d already got it into their heads that they weren’t going to be discovered–that they were going to be absolutely alone in the world left to sleep with the fish.”

“The octopuses reached out and put their arms around them.  That feeling of being wrapped up in 8 arms could never be duplicated.  And once they’d been rescued, when they were full grown these babies could never be satisfied by only two arms.  When you hug them they always wanted more so they were always lonely.  When they went out dancing they held their partners too tight and wept.”

Where Do Babies Come From and Where Do Babies Go?”  Heather O’Neill